A Trip to the beach that completely changed my outlook

So many of my personal childhood memories were created at the seaside. Seagulls making their distinctive calls, sand blown into my hair and face, falling into the water and the pungent smell of vinegar being used instead of suncream! All of this sounds more like a nightmare than a pleasant recollection of our holidays together as a family. Yet, to this day, the beach has become my favourite holiday destination. From the age of 2 years up until 16, it seems like there was only one destination available, Great Yarmouth. It clearly must have been a personal favourite to my parents, and as teenagers, we did indeed grow to love it. At the age of 19, I was introduced to another destination, this one was called Florida. What an eye-opener this was. I had never even been on a plane before. I remember trying to walk on Daytona Beach Florida, with my feet blistering in the hot white sand. Universal Studios, Epcot centre, and Disneyland, what a contrast all of this was to what I had grown up with.

daytona beach Florida

It was another glorious sunshine filled day, this time we were visiting Typhoon Lagoon Florida when it hit me. I am hooked I thought, hook, line, and sinker. What was I attracted to? Was it flying, the warmth, the attractions? No, it was the beaches! Albeit man-made, Typhoon lagoon’s outdoor water park was attractive to look at and admire. True it wasn’t natural beauty, but it certainly had a magnetic effect on me. Regardless of all of the distractions surrounding us on this breakaway, I was suddenly reminded me of how much I enjoy the beach! It was on this very day, that I devised a plan, a lifelong goal, I was going to travel. I wanted to see new places, but more importantly, to discover new beaches, coves, and coasts.

Why we enjoy beauty?

Why do we do travel? It’s often said that humans are drawn to beautiful things and most of us love to be near water. Travelling to be near beautiful surroundings seems to be part of human nature.Whether it’s admiring the scenery or simply being at the water’s edge, we do appear to be in our element when we are enjoying palm trees swaying in a warm ocean breeze for example. Travelling can also give us time to think, explore, ponder and learn new things. For some, discovering the most attractive beaches and coastlines is an insatiable ambition. For me, its simply something I thoroughly enjoy. Well, maybe there’s more to my personal question; ‘where are the best beaches in the world?’ than I’m subconsciously aware of. As I travel around world, I will keep a good journal, writing travel posts in my blog to reveal what I find.

The most amazing coasts and beaches in the world


So far, some of the best beaches, in my opinion, can be found in places such as the French Polynesia, Australia, Florida, Hawaii, St. Thomas, Bahamas, Malaysia, Spain and on the stunning balearic islands, especially Majorca. Crystal clear Caribbean water attract millions of visitors each year for scuba diving, snorkeling or simply basking in the vitamin D filled sunshine and admiring the attractive white sands. Yet, as we shall see, there is oh so much more out there to discover. Welcome to my adventure.

I’ll be writing and sharing some wonderful reviews and photographs of what I and others call utopia.