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    Escape to Orlando Florida for your next holiday

    Orlando may be best known for its theme parks, but if you want to head to the coast, there are plenty of beaches within easy driving distance. The great Atlantic beaches on the east coast are certainly closer than those on the West coast. What’s also great is that these beaches also offer water-sport enthusiasts much bigger waves and have a few extra attractions to offer. The most popular beaches on this side of Orlando take less than 75 minutes to get there. And believe me, some of them are a little bit of paradise and worth every minute of the trip. There’s also several more on the west coast…

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    Key West

    Being one of the most captivating islands that make up the 1700 in the Florida Keys, Key West truly is paradise for beach lovers.  There are several places to snorkel and kayak out of Key West, some better than others. Air and water conditions can be fantastic at this far tip of Florida with some amazing beaches to enjoy too.  Evelyn Proimos Flikr The largest beach in Key West, and said to be the best public beach in this zone is Smathers Beach. This shoreline is a magnet for those who love attractive sandy beaches and perfectly clear waters. The sea here is quite shallow for a good distance form the…

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    In search of the best beaches in the world

    A Trip to the beach that completely changed my outlook So many of my personal childhood memories were created at the seaside. Seagulls making their distinctive calls, sand blown into my hair and face, falling into the water and the pungent smell of vinegar being used instead of suncream! All of this sounds more like a nightmare than a pleasant recollection of our holidays together as a family. Yet, to this day, the beach has become my favourite holiday destination. From the age of 2 years up until 16, it seems like there was only one destination available, Great Yarmouth. It clearly must have been a personal favourite to my parents, and as teenagers,…

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